Friday, November 12, 2010

It rained all night...It rained because he never knew that he’d hurt her...It rained because he never came to know that the doors were open for him, or he cried for the cause. 
She slept with a large hole in her heart, which she created as for untouched vigil weirdo with a compassionate wish.
They knew each other from the past three years, studied, strolled, rejoiced, ate, bunked and even cried together. They were great friends. The relation that took birth as a friendship was actually the genesis of a beautiful relation called LOVE, a clutch of two hearts and a union of two souls as bliss of nature. 
Sometimes it becomes difficult to estimate the closeness of bond that develops in a relation, but as they say, some bonds need not be defined and those are the bonds of LOVE.
They walked on the empty streets in nights with a single ice-cream cone enjoying every single lick. They ran barefoot for a last DVD, worked day and night only to complete one another’s assignments anticipating topping every year. They fought furiously over a TV remote even if they want to watch the same movie, slapping the teaser to avoid boredom. They hate each other but still they need.
Today, she is silent, waves are touching her ears struggling to say something but she is dumb, the rainbow wants to shadow its iridescent spectrum on her stretch, but she is numb. Today she is in solitude, feeling lonely. Her eyes are getting wet, heart is heavy due to the pain she’s suffering, the pain to lose a relation, a fear to stay away from her life, unfortunately, she have to now leave him. She don’t want to, but it’s not in her control, heavens have written only this much share of life in this world for her.
God has given her a life to pass but haven’t written her part to live, still she don’t have any issue. She is happy since before her death she came to realize her love, a true love. She is happy because she knew that he loves her madly, but at the same time she’s sad because she wanted to live with him.
He doesn’t know of her ending but he’s not quiet well as before. In his thoughts he was untrue to her. He proved himself unfaithful to stand beside her. His feet were trembling, hands quivering, with sweat pouring over his head, and he feeling fear of losing her girl. His mind was only praying a single quote since the moments “Oh God! Why??? Why have you given me so less time? Why???” He had developed a cancer and may leave the world within few days.
They both knew their own ending completely unaware of each other’s suffering for the same. They met in the evening where sun is bedding its last goodbye to this world.
SHE: You know how much I love you?
HE: How much?
SHE: I can die for you?
HE: And you know how much I love you?
SHE: ???
HE: I can leave this life just to be with you in the heaven where you’ll be after your death.

Her eyes filled on hearing those words as she sobbed, he collected her falling tears and wrapped her around his arms, and they rejoiced gracefully for the last time.   

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Abhilash Ruhela- The Blogger said...

Wonderful..... beautiful work buddy..

RAHUL: The Weakest Point is Love said...

Thanks Abhilash! Some stories are really very touchy. Sometimes we Live to Love and other times we Love to Live, and for times we realise that life is too short to live and there is too much left to Love.
Keep visiting. take care.

GARIMA.......@ cute doll 4 $umone said...

YAR..........FIR SE RULA DALA............

RAHUL: The Weakest Point is Love said...

@Garima...So sorry 4 being so sentimental, but I cant help it. It is the irony of life, we strive to love but life gets too short to live up to our dreams. Take care.

bameta says said...

excellent work dude...feelings bahut hain article main...keep it up for future.....1 suggestion ek baar zonor change karke bhi try karna ..verstality hogi to aur mazaa aayega...again..WONDERFUL WORK ADMIRATION GUARENTEED

RAHUL: The Weakest Point is Love said...

@yogesh: Point noted...

An Ordinary Gal said...

beautifully written Rahul...loved the post completely. Thanks for dropping by my side :)

RAHUL: The Weakest Point is Love said...

@Riya :):):)

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