Wednesday, November 24, 2010

I was waiting outside her house continuously adoring the waving fields with the very conscious senses leaning against the tree which was there as it was since we were born. The flowing wind was performing its sleek task of driving me to the world of thoughts and ideas. I was not sure whether I would end up with a fistful of emotions for my darling or I would say the same line that I’ve practiced a thousand times “I have nothing to say”. The pleasure that I was gaining at the same state was ‘insightful delight’ what I’ll call it. 

Dried leaf fall over my head as a messenger that this is not gonna be an ordinary event, ‘Meeting from your love where you used to play as children'.

At teenage when we were in same school we used to complete our homework under the shadow of the same tree, inscribing the names and the poems were the most ecstatic part of ours. We played hide and seek, even kissed first time. 
She was upfront so I was (at least to her), the first chocolate we shared, and the last time we met, the tree can narrate the whole story on our part.

Its been 5 years I was waiting for the rendezvous, and today I was waiting for her at the same place to make myself lucky, to hug her passionately, to shed all the tears that were aggregated on being apart from angel, to wipe away all her sorrows with a kiss on her forehead, to secure my soul from burning away, and to love her till my end.

The waters in the upside river has increased and the vociferation by the striking waves were increasing the commotion inside my head. I was equally confused ab’t the meeting, whether she’ll be same? She still loves me? What if she refused to recall those memories of childhood? The intensity of insecurity was greater than the ecstasy. But still I have a hope that her heart still beats for me.

The last word she said was echoing in my mind `continuously “We’ll meet someday”. When we were parting she had tears in her eyes so I had. She handed me a ruckled piece of paper with an inscription.
Fate made us apart, Destiny will reunite us.
Today, as per her quotation, we’re meeting, and I am happy. My heart is throbbing with a rhythm of the last song she sang, I am jumping with my feet on cloud #9, and overall I am exuberant.

At last the wait is over and here comes the deity. She was looking soooo….b’ful with a decoration of ever shining smile and a long Hiiiii… I lost my senses on her arrival, my feet started trembling, and mind left the head to have a tour of world. Earth seemed to have vanished below me, and my face became red in baffle.

She came closer and said that word again a ‘Hi’; still my eyes failed to get rid of fixing at her face. I was not even in a state to respond. I was numb and dumb at the same time with no idea that I was going to propose her with my first statement.

Suddenly within a small split, my mouth, which was already wide open, uttered- “I Love You”.

Her expressions changed (its obvious, a girl don’t expect a guy to say that word on the day of her first meeting). As soon as I completed I got my senses back, and a thought came ‘Had I said something wrong?’

She kept herself silent for an ephemeral and smiled, which is the answer, I swayed her.

The moment she was silent, a million thoughts executed in my mind simultaneously, a slap, a refuse, cry, walk away…bla bla…Fortunately I got my girl back with whom I’ve to plan my journey of life.
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P.S.: Some moments in everyone’s life are memorable. I’ve fallen in love many times in fact every other girl which I see around; I fall in love with her. But there is only someone with whom you can rejoice and last your life.

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Abhilash Ruhela- The Blogger said...

my bro. what a composition. what a story.. wow.... its fictional... i dont want to believe this... oh my.. I am still flowing in its real form. Rahul, so proud of your ideas that create such stories. wonderful bro... so so proud.... no words to explain... got an unexpected energy.... wonderful..oh my.. from now.. I am officially following your blogs through friend connect. this is the only favor I can return back... wow..

RAHUL: The Weakest Point is Love said...

@Abhilash don't make me shy yaar...I am just a silent admirer nothing else. The things that I write are just a composition of my convoluted mind.
I am feeling proud that a BIGG_BLOGGER is following my blog, I don't want to make you stranger just by saying a token of thanx.

Abhilash Ruhela- The Blogger said...

so sweet of u.... luv..

(¯`•._.•[Raajii]•._.•´¯) said...

oh wow that is really good. I hope you stay happy.

I have yet to see a man though who would wait on a woman :-)

RAHUL: The Weakest Point is Love said...

@Raaji I am happy indeed. Love is not a give and take commodity, it happens only one time and lasts for life. No matter how much time you have to wait for a single moment, but that is the moment you live for lifetime.
I am now feeling lucky! Writers are appreciating a novice's take. :):)

Ashish said...

Hi came to your blog for the first time, like few posts.

Keep writing

PS: thanks for your comment at my blog

Someone Is Special said...

Rahul this is so sweet, stay happy.. I will consider this for Romantic Room as well..

--Someone is Special--

RAHUL: The Weakest Point is Love said...

@Ashish I am glad you visited me first time.

@SIS thax for

GARIMA.......@ cute doll 4 $umone said...

once again nice dear...........finaly happy ending happy always ma frend

RAHUL: The Weakest Point is Love said...

@Garima..finally you are happy with this post.

Anonymous said...

Ah, so glad for the "happily-ever-after" ending.

mayu said...

good use of vocabulary and gud flow of events... appreciated ! keep blogging

RAHUL: The Weakest Point is Love said...

@mayu :) :) :)

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