Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Breeze touching my skin, and making me alive,
Introspecting my heart, I feel I am strived,
They sooth and flow away, flashing a life,
O My Love, Make me Love again.

Craving through the thoughts, I dream,
You sat beside me, follow the bedding sun,
Kissing me on forehead, upto my wetting lips,
You push me gently, on a watery shore,
A soft grip, with a tight hug.

I am content, You walked into my life,
Like a dream, dragged my sorrows,
Vanished my griefs.

Hoping every desire, to be fulfilled,
I wish this could last for aeons,
But another breeze touches, 
To give me next life, Another dream to live. 

P.S. : I am not a poet, but sometimes your thoughts play an intelligent part out of you, and even a non-imaginative guy ( perhaps me in this case ) becomes a poet.

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Someone Is Special said...

Rahul, this was super one.. I loved your take man..

--Someone is Special--

RAHUL: The Weakest Point is Love said...

Hey SIS, most interestingly, this was my first maneuver to pen down something like this. I never knew what I am gonna write, and it turned out to be a poem.
thanx SIS. take care.

mayu said...

well dis is really good...liked it

GARIMA.......@ cute doll 4 $umone said...

nice yar really vry gud........it touched ma heart

GARIMA.......@ cute doll 4 $umone said...

gd realy vry nice

RAHUL: The Weakest Point is Love said...

@mayu & @ Garima...Thnx buddies...!

(¯`•._.•[Raajii]•._.•´¯) said...

This is very well done :-)

RAHUL: The Weakest Point is Love said...

@Raaji I am obliged to thank you for appreciation. :):)

AbhiLaSH RuHeLa said...

After writing a wonderful poem you say that you arent a poet. Do you think we are fool? Either dont write poems or dont say that you are not a poet. Dont lie Rahul. hahaha. I just loved it. Simply wonderful. Great.

RAHUL: The Weakest Point is Love said...

@Abhilash I am again on my words. I never wrote prose before, but equally I cannot deny it was a great feeling to write such a thing. :)

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