Friday, February 24, 2012

Memories are always daunting perceptions. If I choose to go back in time I’ll see myself a more better than today, more happier in fact a bit secure but when time comes to choose a side I’ll choose the safer one i.e. a best match between the two as if the current moment is my last. Although I know I can’t travel alone in time still I feel like low on account of such thoughts. How strange it is we waste most of our lives reminiscing. It is not bad to meditate upon the mistakes committed knowingly or unknowingly but choosing to carry those feelings with present can show its way through penetration of bond that we share with soul.
We do a lot of things as a part of our daily routine, most of them relate to our work and there are many which affect others as well including loved ones; some compliment “Hey! You are a nice person.” Some say “Nice shirt.” Some say “You look good when you smile.” these words lose no chance to draw a smile on vanity of our face; some become good friends, some best ones and remaining closer ones, (sometimes I feel how do they classify them) and in this phase of our life when we are moving forward aggressively suddenly a bump in the road make head turn to look down; and VOILA! A thought pops up; we’ve forgotten something very crucial, which was a part of life unseen, unnoticed walking behind us seeking our attention. These are relations, those without which our existence, wherever we are right now wouldn’t even had possible. I mean they are the ones supporting at the back.
At that stage of our lives where taking u-turn means conquering a castle, we feel somewhat demotivated, somewhat crestfallen and at the same time we look up to see a blue sky with a last hope to rise- sky seemed to be wider than ever. We struggle to push ourselves up and as soon as we are about to land our next step on ground we’re stopped from putting feet down, it is the strength of our best relations which prevent us to fall into a deep shit ahead on the way. They do not leave us; we’re the only ones who vanish their presence from minds.

There are people in everyone’s life and we miss no opportunity to make a mental personality picture; no matter how we classify them, how we interpret their behavior, thoughts, dressing, hair, body language, teeth, nose and everything else imaginable; and based on this, we percepts how we’ll manage our relation. I suggest god would have given all humans in this world same qualities; if that only matters, at least this could eradicate separation of relationships amongst the people we know with ourselves.

Last week I read a book “34 Bubblegums and Candies” nicely written by Preety Shenoy, A B’lore based writer. She’d very nicely quoted a definition of “radiators and sinks”. It is a bit ironical thought but I like it a lot. There are persons in our life whom we love to be with, their company always makes us feel alive, the joy, the enthusiasm we gain creates a thirst to live life with an unending energy boost. We love the way they interact, their confidence, sometimes we feel jealous because we’re not like them; they are called RADIATORS as they always remain cool and radiate all positive energies. On the flipper side there are SINKS too; I think they do not need to be defined, they are always ready to make you lose your remaining sense of aliveness, you’ll probably want to avoid such people, most of the times you change your path if they’re seen to approach your way. Maybe those radiators for us probably are sinks for others or vice versa all depends on perception.

I think I am going desultory so note to make any other proclaiming thought I am ending this post with a hope I’ll be back with something nice stuff soon.

P.S. I don’t know what drives me to think on anything in this world, maybe I’m just a confused freak; But I think the best way to stop bursting out is express yourself, maybe I ‘m not best at it too.

Stay Happy ! :-)

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