Saturday, October 9, 2010

This post is dedicated to all my college friends and to my readers of course.
I aspire to dream and touch the sky
“Hey You Became Entrepreneur.” It was not an ordinary call... 

A Heavy Schedule:
Last night I was drowned in my book struggling to find any conscious sense to understand the logic behind the purpose of studying that absurd subject, I was not sure whether I’ll manage to score minimum as much even to stand among the stack of passed ones in the term paper tomorrow. I was equally frustrated on studying a bunch of subjects including Quant, Apti, Reasoning, Verbals, Technical blah blah etc…etc… 
It is my final year and I don’t know where I want to go, which company? Am I interested in job or do need to go for my postgraduate? My mind was swamping in its own thoughts completely unaware of the fact that in the coming next semester my fate will be sealed. 
On April ’11 my degree will be over and what I’ll do after that. Do I manage to get a single job in the market? Am I a deserving candidate among the mass? What if I don’t get a job?
For all these questions I’ve created a ready made answer from my intuitive mind “I’ll manage when time comes”
               Suddenly my cell came buzzing chiseling my thighs and destroying my attention which was lost in book.  

“Thank god, phone saved me” I said like I was released from trap of study. 
It was from an old friend.
“Hullo...How are you my friend” I stated with a pause. And the next 1 hour passed with the phone companion.
Quickly I got an attraction by my bed waiting eagerly for me.
It is now 11.30, time for a nap, and this is how I ended my heavy study night.

This is daily routine of my study. As soon as I pick a book for perusing, the same time my cell phone buzzed, and how my study time vanishes in chatting and talking even I don’t know. 

An Inspiration:
This time it was not an ordinary call, it was call that changed my mind. It was a call as a messenger to me to wake up and inspire.
And old friend of mine, a classmate, what we say my chaddi yaar, my neighbor had a startup. He managed investors and got a marvelous attention by venture capitalists. He’ll be opening his own firm in the next 3 months.
The only words I could utter from my already open mouth during an entire conversation are “I can’t believe it!” 
I was speechless on the occasion. A final year engineering guy going to become a CEO of a company?
That night sleep was off from my eyes. Whole night I was thinking of his maneuver and effort. It was 3.30a.m. 
I jumped from bed, logged on my laptop, and started scribbling for my batch mates (even for me). A Blog Post!
Many of us dream to be successful in life, but none of us decide the strategy to excel the tactics. Desires and Aspirations, everyone has, but do we deserve them?Answer lies within us. To be true, what we deserve is fully dependent on our maneuver. To acer those, one needs only one thing; a small word that we already know, DEDICATION, not of anything but of mind, body and soul, the perfect nutrition for success.
A very few of us know about Mr. Mahesh Murthy, Founder and CEO, Pinstorm, a third semester Engineering dropout from Chennai, vaccum cleaner salesman to a successful entrepreneur, the designer of Yahoo’s first GUI and’s strategy and launch Paul Allen’s net properties. In his own words “I was brought up to believe that there’s a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow – that you put your head down and work hard during the journey and then finally at the end there is comfort and wealth. I disagree with all that now. I don’t believe there’s a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Even if you die with Rs. 1,000 crores to your name, you don’t take the money with you. So at the end you have absolutely the same you started with – zero. Hence I now believe that the pot of gold is not the end of the rainbow – but that the pot of gold is the rainbow itself. All that we have is the journey. There is nothing else.”
The gist is that, enjoy your work and take a first step towards your dream and the entire journey will be ecstasy. Everyone of us remembered the movie 3-idiots , the way Mr. Viru Sahastrabudhe quoted “Life is a race, if you won’t compete, someone will crush you and lead.” The same is life, if you won’t listen to your soul, then, it will be crucifixion of your very dream, the pain of lifetime, and remember, once they broke they can never be same again; a small investment once and joy for a lifetime. I also liked one line from the same movie “Jab tu budha hoga kahin kisi hospital me marne ka intezar kar raha hoga tab tu sochega letter hath me tha, gadi bahar thi, thodi aur himmat kar leta to life kuch aur hi hoti.” The same situation is ready for us. Think of it.
90% of us joined Engineering only because we want money, possession and honor, remaining 10% know what they want to achieve and they had a fully fledged strategy to affix their goal on the wall, thirsty they hit their goal and the cakes were theirs’. They keep their cards safe until the time to show the world; A huge blast!
Not to make the conversation desultory, I was talking about the 10% (I am considering myself in this group only). We have hand-made excuses because we know audience is gullible enough to digest them. But do we, once, only once had an insight within our souls that what we want and what we have right now?  Do our maneuvers will suffice the cause? The first goal is to find answer. Second one is to work for our weaknesses. Third is to work for our cause.
It is better to know about ready baked caked than to restart from scratch because we are at an edge of our life, if we decide to go back then surely there will be chances that sooner or later we’ll figure it out, we’re left behind far from our acquaintances with whom we’ve started our voyage. To be true, life is all about failures and success. Like every dark night ends with a beautiful morning same way every failure leads to an unending happiness of success.
I am not saying that you start work to get a job or manage to a good college, what I just wanna say is don’t cheat yourself, have an inside look of your soul truly once, only once.
Sky is yours, nothing is impossible...
You deserve to be on top on this world
I’ll say only one line Dare to Dream! Nothing is impossible.
Now I think the post is getting longer so I am stopping right here with a promise I’ll be back with some interesting post next time. Till then I bed a good luck.
                                    Don’t forget the slogan “Read India Read…”   
You can Win. Remember there's nothing like impossible in this world

4 Lucks:

krishna said...

its awsome dude..
u hv done a nice work..
all d bst

RAHUL: The Weakest Point is Love said...

Thanx for the appreciation Krishna...Keep reading for something interesting!

AbhiLaSH RuHeLa said...

nice blog dude.. you are doing well... But wud lyk to suggest u sumthing.. People love the minute details about ur activities in novel but people hate this on the blog so be careful while writing abt ur routines as u did in the start of this blog.. I liked it... and u have the same theme I have for my blog... and u keep writing.. u will grow sumday as a big blogger... keep doing...

RAHUL: The Weakest Point is Love said...

Thanx a lot Abhilash I am glad to have a criticism from your perception. This is the first time I am receiving a comment from a writer. I am feeling somewhat content now thinking that my purpose to blog is not a wasteful attempt. I've noted down your suggestions, I'll fix them in my future writings.

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