Saturday, October 16, 2010

Why do I love you if you don't care for me?
Why do I cry for you if you're not here to wipe out my tears?
Why do I miss you if you're never mine?
 But still I love you and I will always till my Life...

 Her face was drooped in silence and tears were shedding from her eyes. Maybe she had a breakup or her lover left her.

He was staring at her continuously but she didn’t give a single look at his profile. She was in grief, tears said that all. His mind was unable to judge her depth of pain, but he can well understand her feelings. The pearls of her tears were making him unable to digest the fact that she was in grief.
Well, he approached a florist and ordered a pink rose for the lady in blue and left the place.
He left a pink chit for her-
Forget the pains as there is a large cloud of happiness is waiting ahead to rain over you.
Maybe she’d have felt happier on reading that and her lost smile found its place back on her face. Maybe she’d have a positive thought about someone who cared for her. And Maybe…..
P.S.: This tale is a true incident as narrated by my friend when once he was in a restaurant. The lines at the starting of the post are the creation of mine on hearing such a description of heart moving incident.

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RaNiiiiii said...

nice post

RAHUL: The Weakest Point is Love said...

@ I am wordless. But as they say a small vote of thanx is enough to express the gratitude...
I am saying a biiiiiiiig THANXXXXXXX...! lolzzz

Jingle said...
I invite you to attend Thursday Poets Rally week 31
let me know when you are ready.
Thanks a lot.

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