Friday, May 14, 2010

We were in 10th Standard, RUCHI the only girl , whom I liked unconditionally, My only crush , approached me and and said "Rahul ! can I have your Social Study book for a while?"

I got mesmerized. The most fascinating girl in our class requesting me for my book. Although I loved her , but never expressed; my childhood LOVE.
"Yeah! you can take it. If you like you can keep it till exams". My answer! I know I'll fail after doing so, but she was my love yaar how could I reject a request, most specifically from her.

We were child , we don't know what Love is at that stage of our age, but one thing is clear I Loved her. I never know what a crush is, but I liked her.

The rain never seemed be so romantic, the moon never approached to be like her face, flowers never seemed so beautiful, loud never seemed to be so quiet,all the unhappenning things started happening; I was stuck by a Love Angel.
Ruchi, a good looking,angelic faced, beautiful girl, serene hearted, Monitor of our class.She was so pretty if one sees her, he'll definitely get mesmerized by the Divine Beauty. A perfect soul made by God ever.
I tried many times to express my feelings, but everytime some or more hurdles comes in between & in order to overcome them, I lose the moment.

[1 year later]

We met in the store. It was 8 in the evening. A cool wind was blowing, stars were on, moon's silver came blushing.
The road was almost empty, the Summery night; I can't forget that 10 minutes walk we had. She was looking baeutiful in the moon's silver.

I started "Ruchi!"

"What?" she said.

                                               Words are less,feelings are more,
                                               The pain that I had,can't take it anymore,
                                               When we are under the blue sky,
                                               I can see the world in your eyes,
                                               When we walk for a mile,
                                               I live the life for a while,
                                               I wish I could show you how much love,
                                               I had for you in the tranquil depths of my Heart,
                                               I LOVE You SWEETHEART,
                                               The only words came from the bottom of my Heart.

I handed her the ruckled piece of pink paper.
She read the Scribble twice.
For the very first time I see the tears in her eyes.Actually I'd shocked her.I guess.

"Why haven't you said this before?You know how much you made me wait? I feel empty when I was alone".She sobbed.
"Why haven't you filled the gap? Tell me." She had a desperateness in her eyes for something. I can't qoute.

She was weaping, but she was looking beautiful. The immense Love in her eyes is making me mad. I wish I could be with her all my lifetime watching in her eyes only. Her tears seemed like pearls, I wish if I could collect them all and keep the in my heart till I die. Her lips were wet, I wondered if I could kiss them.The cool evening breeze making her hairs flow, making me envious by touching them, I wish if I could sleep under the shade of her hairs all life long. Her trembling feets, I wish if I could hold her in my arms and never make the earth to have the honour to touch them.
All such feelings came down on me. I looked my feets; the earth is shattering. I saw her face again, it was making me forget everything in the world.
My eyes are also getting wet. The drowned sentiments in the tranquil depths of my heart are coming out for her. I wiped my eyes pretending I am a strong guy. Perhaps I am not the one.

"I LOVE YOU RUCHI!" The only word uttered by me. I dont have anything to say. One tear rolled out, then two ,three and so on.

She haven't said anything yet. We kept walking. The silence of the night and the bizzare azure watched us raining. We never uttered a single word for some moments.

At last I collected all my strengths.

"I tried many times to express,but the moments I get, are always less than the words demanded."
"RUCHI, I tell you from the deepest shell of my heart, I LOVE YOU. The Love I had for you will never become less , a promise for a lifetime."

[The next lines from the paper]

                                             When you'll stumble, I'll be there to hold you,
                                             When you'll be sad, I'll be there to find your smile,
                                             When you'll feel empty, I'll be there to fill you,
                                             When you'll ruffle, I'll be there to calm you.
                                             And that's my promise, I'll not leave you alone lifetime.

The feelings are coming out, walls are falling down to the ground.
She still said nothing. Silence said it all. Her tears, I can't forget, she was sobbing like a two year girl. The deepest shell of my heart was pounding only for her.

"RUCHI! I need you. Would you be mine. I don't demand more than one life, I'll persuade the God to finish my soul after this life. But I need you to be with me in this life only. " I said my last word rigorously. The drops of tears kept shedding from my eyes. I can't express my fellings more than this. My shirt got drenched due to tears.
I took a glimpse of her face. She still haven't uttered a single word.
She glanced at me, we exchanged glances. Stopped for a moment, I felt everything got stopped; wind,moments,sentiments, even my heart which pounded a trillion times since last 30 seconds.
I felt a hand CROSSED in my hand, it was hers. I got my answer. I know this was for a lifetime. I'll not leave this hand. I Sweared.
She kept her head on my shoulder and we walked on....!!!

[The last lines from the paper]

                                           Meeting you was fate,
                                           Friendship with you was interesting,
                                           Falling in love with you is completely out of my control.
                                           I LOVE YOU MY DARLING!!!

And that's the way I fell in love first time in my life. My First Tryst!!!

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NaMiTa said...

i loved it..:)/...excellent..yr...i hve no words to xpress.....its just awsome...:)

An Ordinary Gal said...

nice, wonderfully expressed post :)

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