Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Catastrophe never happened so far until the day I realized; Love is not a tab of mine. Pondering onto the insightful memoirs’ I thought I was born as a lad who can be a reason for someone’s smile, but soon it proved a wry. I cannot decipher but make sure the way destiny is playing around with my indeliberate accord. The doors were locked for me as they were, maybe the combination that I tried was not up to the lock. But one thing made me mad after a whole lot of journey; Heart, after broken down into zillions of pieces remains no more a pastry to crush, with each piece having a story to tell and a song to sing.
When your heart breaks you don’t have even a unit moment to count on anyone. Desire to cry on someone’s lap, tears tend to flow away, and heartbeat touching a score. You feel the warmth of each teardrop that falls on your palm, and eyes yearning to have a single glimpse of someone broke your heart. You sat on a couch with a pencil in your hand and try to scribble your heart out but the words fail to blur.
burnt me to ashes, tears are unstoppable,
uncountable pieces, of throbbing heart,
warm gazes, gentle smile,
a true lie and a soft grip,
to be away from you, the thought,
tearing me apart.

It is undeniable truth; If you love someone true heartedly a single shot of desperateness can make your world crash upon you.

3 Lucks:

Amrita said...

Hello! Your words were tremendous! I had a big grin! Thanks for those kind words!!I appreciate them a lot.
You have quite a space.... blogrolled you!
Keep visiting. :)

Raajii said...

Very poetic :-).

But its just the wrong person - not the wrong sentiment. Perhaps that is the sad part.

CATGIRL !! said...

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