Tuesday, December 7, 2010

I was never your close enough to say I LOVE YOU
But in my minds you are not too different
I am indecent to be in my thoughts
And you are an angel
You became my dream and desire
And I never came to know that I was in love
We walked in the streets of silence
Holding hands to rescue our souls
Becoming a worthy person on earth
I feel, heaven’s at my door
You are not too far away from me
 Still I feel to take centuries to wrap you around in my arms
I can’t even breathe in solitude
To hear your scream, To make you mine
But still I can thunder
I am incomplete without you!

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4 Lucks:

Someone Is Special said...

Rahul, this is too good man.. You are truly a romantic person for sure..

--Someone is Special--

Someone Is Special said...

Rhul, do stop by my blog, Few Miles

--Someone is Special--

Kavita said...

Well well well.. distance is measurable, but closeness is not! I think you have laid out this subtle difference all too well here...
A neat take on the prompt!!

AbhiLaSH RuHeLa said...

Didnt loved as your pervious blogs and I am not into poems much so this isnt my cup of tea but u keep trying.

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